By re-creating the traditional medical chart in an electronic form, Streamline makes chart management easier and more efficient than previously possible. All information found in the traditional folder is still present, only more organized and much easier to handle. Streamline, with its highly organized filing system, allows you to quickly click through a patient's history for the desired information, instead of wasting time sifting through layers of paperwork.

  • Higher quality documentation (legible, organized, complete)
  • Quick access to the chart of any patient, even from home
  • Doctors and staff can respond instantly to patient phone calls
  • rxManager insures accurate and legible prescriptions
  • Store any type of document: x-rays, photos, labs, audio and video
  • HIPAA complaint security

By minimizing paper-based activity and working within a digital environment, you will reduce your Businesses' reliance on paper and, as a result, trim overhead costs. Streamline Productivity Suite™ is the solution.

  • Shrink business paper-overhead costs
  • Simplify industry compliance
  • Enable consistent, organization-wide record policies
  • Easily delegate access to documents to the appropriate staff
  • Improve productivity of every employee with instant file access
  • Practically eliminate labor-intensive manual filing for incoming client records
  • Reduce physical distribution of hard-copies, such as contracts or correspondence
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